Minute loan with bank – request online

Minute loan with bank – request online

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Fine bank has been operating here under its current name since 2011. It currently has around 400,000 clients and 59 points of sale throughout the Czech Republic. Clients at Fine bank especially appreciate simple on-line banking and free basic services.

For its client approach, this bank even won first place in the Customer Bank category in the Bank of 2018 competition. How is the one-minute loan from Fine bank doing? What are the parameters and can this loan be insured?

Fine bank offers a wide range of products


The most popular product in use is the current account. Other products include loans, mortgages, investments, and savings. Other popular products among individuals include credit consolidation and Fine bank minute loan, which can be arranged here.

What are the conditions for applicants for this minute loan? Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a regular income and also have a bank account. This account must be with Fine bank. If the borrower does not have this current account, he will be set up with the loan application.

Fine bank loan parameters

Good Credit bank loan parameters

Minute loan Fine bank is without purpose and can be used for anything. Another advantage of this loan is that the client can arrange it online without unnecessary paperwork. Another value appreciated by clients is the establishment and maintenance of a free loan.

The amount and date of repayments can be chosen by each client according to their needs. Free is not only arranging the loan, but also its early repayment. To process the loan applicant is sufficient only one identity document.

  • Loan amount: USD 5,000 – 700,000
  • Repayment period: 3 – 120 months
  • Interest rate: from 4.8% pa
  • APR: from 4.9%
  • Loan approval: within 3 minutes
  • Possibility of insurance: yes
  • The necessity to guarantee: no
  • Handling and keeping the loan: free
  • Early repayment: free
  • Minimum order age: 18 years

Loan insurance

Loan insurance

The client can also arrange the loan repayment insurance. However, this insurance is not free, as is the case with a loan. For example, the free insurance company Good Finance offers free insurance. A Fine bank loan can be insured in two different packages.

The advantage of insurance is undoubtedly the fact that the client in the event of unexpected life situations does not expose yourself or your close financial burden resulting from the need to repay the loan. Insurance can be easily arranged online together with a loan application.

However, it should also be taken into account that the monthly installments will increase due to the price of the insurance. What are the two insurance options? Fine bank calls them to package A and B.

Package A offers insurance for:

  • Death due to accident or illness
  • Total permanent disability due to injury or illness
  • Incapacity for work longer than 30 days due to accident or illness

Package B is designed for clients with an employment relationship and offers insurance for:

  • Involuntary job loss
  • Death due to accident or illness
  • Total permanent disability due to injury or illness
  • Incapacity for work longer than 30 days due to accident or illness

Arrange a loan from Fine bank

Fine bank calculator

Good Credit bank calculator

The client can use the calculator on the Fine bank website to calculate the total monthly installment. It is first necessary to enter the basic parameters, which are the amount of the loan and the required repayment period.

The client can use the calculator to calculate the total monthly installment.

The client will also be interested in the APRC amount, interest and also the total amount payable . This information is presented in a small, light gray font under the calculator. In this case, with a loan of USD 100,000 for 60 months and a monthly payment of USD 1,878, the interest rate is 4.80% pa and the APR is 4.91%. The total amount payable by the consumer is USD 112,680.

Additional important information can be found under the calculator in a small, light gray font.

Application process


After the client has calculated all the final parameters of the loan, he can proceed to the online application itself. The first step is to click the blue Request Online button.

 The first step of the request is to click the blue Request Online button.

The second step is to fill in the contact details. Please fill in this short form with your first name, last name, social security number, telephone, and e-mail. The following is a form with personal information in which you must enter your citizenship, country, and place of birth, educational attainment, marital status, and other similar data. Click Continue to see the next form.

The third form must be completed with information on residence and identity cards. First, the client must enter his permanent address and then enter the OP number, date of issue, its validity and more. The last form concerns revenue and expenditure. In particular, it is necessary to fill in monthly expenses and sources of client income.

Finally, the system will generate a summary of the requested loan, including the information provided by the client. These should be carefully checked and then confirmed. Subsequently, the system sends a confirmation code to the client’s phone, through which the applicant confirms the loan application. This will send the application for approval.